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clothesfortrans: You probably won't see this, but this is a blog dedicated to connecting trans individuals with donated clothing! We just match people up and help them work out shipping, etc. It's pretty vital to a trans person's mental health that they get to present their gender in the way that feels right, and we want to help! We really need more donations though, and we want to reach more trans people, so it'd be great if you could let your followers know about us! We're having a hard time growing. Thanks :)



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I just called to cancel my interview and I had to go to the top of TE driveway and when I was on the phone one of the chickens starting pecking at my legs so I was running around trying to avoid the chicken while I was talking

02 September 2014     9:06 am     7 notes

I’m realizing how big the world is and how little I am and how much I have to choose from as far as life paths are concerned and I am very very afraid

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I’m crying again and now it’s about hard to explain and the whole world and my life

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Hard to Explain - The Strokes

“Hard to Explain” isn’t much, really. It’s built on a backbone of stately downstrokes. It’s a rhythm guitar that plays every chord it possibly can and a chorused and overdriven lead guitar that finds 15 hooks that fit the key and plays them all. It’s Casablancas writing verses, a pre-chorus, and a pre-pre-chorus that all fight each other for the most instantly recognizable. Then the actual chorus comes, and the drums turn live– those driving splashing cymbals– and suddenly “I missed the last bus/ I’ll take the next train” is seared into your brain.

Its genius is that it’s the song everyone wanted to write. It’s the culmination of every band that’s ever practiced on a couple of cheapo Fender amps in someone’s garage or basement, playing some cool drum machine preset they found, broken, in a thrift store, saying “When we find a drummer, man” to each other. In fact, the entire garage revival of the past decade is probably directly indebted to the track. Like an infinite number of monkeys will eventually write Shakespeare, an infinite number of garage bands banging away on Telecasters would have eventually wrote “Hard to Explain”. The Strokes were just the ones that stumbled into it

- Chris Bosman, Consequence of Sound (via nikolai-lookin-fly)

(Source: nikolai-lookin-fly, via youngphrazes)

02 September 2014     2:06 am     136 notes

California is beautiful and cool but maybe I need to leave. I’ll come back when I’m 80 and rich

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Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk I’m Moving To New York

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Honestly I am not that upset about what happened but I have had Kokomo stuck in my head since 2pm and that has made today so much more difficult

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Anonymous: actually the bay area is kind of the best place to be right now

Thanks. Lol just kidding I love it there but I am not rich enough to live here I think

02 September 2014     1:51 am     2 notes

Maybe I’ll go to Australia and be a nanny for a while that’s what a girl from my old work did she’s probably living it up down there

02 September 2014     1:50 am     4 notes

Nichelle lets run away somewhere. Where should we go

02 September 2014     1:48 am     4 notes

Maybe this is a sign I should live somewhere else. I don’t like saying that because it feels like I’m just giving up but I mean. What exists outside of California? Is there life out there? Cute boys? Cool cities? Let’s explore come on Kat

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